"WEC" : the firebreather's gathering

WEC - The annual firebreather's gathering in Lower Normandy : A burning passion unique in the world.

       Every year, an extraordinary event brings together passionate firebreathers from all over Europe in Mauves sur Huisne, in Lower Normandy. Baptized WEC, an acronym for Week End Crache, this gathering has become an unmissable event for amateurs and experts of this spectacular art. Since its inception in 2019, WEC has continued to gain popularity and attract more and more participants.

The WEC was born from the initiative of a group of friends passionate about the art of firebreathing. Facing the absence of specific events dedicated to this discipline, they decided to create their own gathering. The main objective of Andrey Das, a passionate firebreather since 2004, in collaboration with the BCC association is to promote and popularize the art of firebreathing, as well as night street arts such as fire dance and fire manipulation.

The convention takes place over several intense days filled with activities and fiery performances. Participants have the opportunity to attend introductory and advanced workshops given by experts. These courses allow enthusiasts of all levels to improve their skills and explore new techniques. Highlights of the event include freestyles, battles and choreography where firebreathers compete in creativity.

Safety is a top priority during the WEC. Before the start of the festivities, all participants receive detailed instructions on safety rules and emergency measures. A dedicated team is present throughout the weekend to ensure the safety of people, property and buildings. In addition, an in-depth presentation is made on the products used and the associated risks, in order to make everyone aware of the potential dangers and the reactions to adopt in the event of a risky situation.

A unique event in the world: What distinguishes the WEC from other gatherings of firebreathers around the world is its exclusive character. Indeed, there is simply no other event of this scale that brings together international teachers and students representing multiple countries. In addition, the WEC offers participants an optimal environment to progress, thanks to the supervision of competent professionals and the provision of quality equipment. Everyone participates in the production of high quality images of individual performances and progress.

Mauves sur Huisne, a small town located in Lower Normandy hosting the WEC, benefits from international visibility thanks to this event. By occupying the Arbre Perché, the only place dedicated to weddings and birthdays in the city, the gathering creates an economic effervescence in the region, attracting visitors and generating positive spinoffs for local businesses. Although the WEC has yet to attract media attention, its exclusive timeliness and uniqueness may pique their interest in years to come.

The WEC is more than just a gathering of fire eaters. It embodies the passion, sharing and evolution of this spectacular art. By providing a setting conducive to learning, creating and showcasing this nocturnal art, the WEC has captured the hearts of firebreathers enthusiasts around the world. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the WEC is the perfect opportunity to live a unique experience and push the limits of fiery performance. Don't miss the next meeting of the Week End Crache!

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