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Born in August 2003 in Paris, Burn Crew Concept (BCC) is a collective of passionate arts of fire. It was in 2004 that we grouped together in association law 1901. Anxious to share, exchange and refine our skills in the field, we created the first French forum dedicated to "burners" to gather together all fans in France. Over the years, aware of the interest in our practices and "risks" that they have, we decided to create this site to centralize our knowledge.


Our "Crew" is composed of various talents, all eager to promote this culture of street arts. We have organized the first national conventions and continue to organize introductory and advanced courses accessible to all. Each year we celebrate the anniversary of our first meetings at the Palais de Tokyo and the festival was part of the International Agenda as a true reference. Our events have always attracted the experienced cameramen, so there are several videos and photographys of our adventures.


Handling flaming rigging led us to travel and perform outside of our city, from our beginnings, pyrotechnics and LED have been part of our performance. What distinguishes us is our desire to promote our arts responsibly within urban culture, sharing our experience about the rules of good practice. Whether you are a novice, amateur, professional, in association or company, this address is for you!


A warm welcome on our portal and know that memberships are open from January 1 to March 1 each year ! ;)


For any partnership or information, thank you to go through the contact form.

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Organized event


  • 24/01/15 11th anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 25/01/14 10th anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 26/01/13 9th anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 21/01/12 8th anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 22/01/11 7th anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 13/05/10 EMJ : International Festival of fire arts (Paris)
  • 23/01/10 6th anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 01/03/09 BCConv’ 4 : 4th national convention (Paris)
  • 24/01/09 5th anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 07/03/08 BCConv’ 3 : 3rd national convention (Paris)
  • 26/01/08 4th anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 22/09/07 Olympiades de feu
  • 01/06/07 Über PARIS : international spinning convention
  • 27/01/07 3rd anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 27/10/06 BCConv’ 2 : 2nd national convention (Tours)
  • 23/04/06 BurnCrewChapiteau, small Festival
  • 01/04/06 Animafac : 1st national burneur's gathering
  • 10/03/06 BCConv’ 1 : 1st national convention (Calais)
  • 28/01/06 2nd anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)
  • 27/01/05 1st anniversary of BCC (Palais de Tokyo)



  • 27/07/13 European Juggling Convention (Toulouse - France)
  • 08/05/12 Music To Rock The Nation (Paris - France)
  • 08/05/11 Music To Rock The Nation (Paris - France)
  • 08/05/10 Music To Rock The Nation (Paris - France)
  • 03/07/09 Col des 1000 Festival (Voiron - France)
  • 08/05/09 Music To Rock The Nation (Paris - France)
  • 23/09/08 Defistival at Champs de Mars (Paris - France)
  • 08/05/08 Music To Rock The Nation (Paris - France)
  • 06/07/07 Col des 1000 Festival (Voiron - France)
  • 07/06/07 50's of Givenchy on the bord of la Seine (Paris - France)
  • 01/06/07 DJ’s First Aid (Belgrade - Serbia)
  • 13/05/07 Music To Rock The Nation (Paris - France)
  • 23/09/06 Defistival Champs de Mars (Paris - France)
  • 23/06/06 TGV 25 birthday's at gare de Lyon (Paris - France)
  • 12/05/06 ESIA's Gala (Paris - France)
  • 07/05/06 Music To Rock The Nation (Paris - France)
  • 29/04/06 ESCP-EAP Gala's (Paris - France)
  • 07/04/06 Crostival (Marne la Vallée - France)
  • 30/03/06 INSEEC's Gala at Salons Hoche (Paris - France)
  • 27/01/06 ECE's Gala at pavillon Baltard (Nogent-sur-Marne - France)
  • 25/09/05 Defistival at Champs de Mars (Paris - France)
  • 10/06/05 RandoRoller break's (Paris - France)


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