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Introduction :
The latest innovation on is revolutionizing the way our Fire arts community interacts and thrives. The “Dancing and Firebreathing Community World Map” is much more than an interactive map. With 562 points and 406 users (to date), it becomes the virtual meeting point for associations, artists, amateurs, courses, training places, events, photographers and shops from all over the world.

Meetings and Exchanges : Whether you are a professional, a beginner, an event organizer, or simply passionate, this card offers a unique platform to encourage meetings, travel and exchanges. It reduces the distance between members of our community, creating endless opportunities.

The World Map in Action : With a user-friendly interface, each registrant can geolocate themselves and provide detailed information such as their website and social networks. The 8 main categories, from associations to boutiques, have dedicated filters for easy navigation. The world map is translated into French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese !

Ease of Registration : The registration process is extremely simplified. In just a few clicks and less than 30 seconds, each member can create an account using a valid email address. An intuitive questionnaire allows you to choose the category of markers on the map, thus offering clear and autonomous customization.

Proven Usefulness : The high registration rate and the variety of markers demonstrate that this card meets a real need. Professionals and recurring events have already seized this opportunity, connecting directly with the audience they seek.

Continuous Evolution : The burners map : is a rich and relevant community network. We are open to all suggestions and comments to make it evolve. Our commitment is to provide quality, free and useful tools to our entire community, especially to those who are isolated.

Conclusion : The “Street Fire Arts Community World Map” transcends physical boundaries to unite our community. It's much more than a map, it's a dynamic platform that allows everyone to promote their work, find training locations, teachers, and facilitate global exchanges. Join us on this adventure where passion connects through every marker on the map, creating a global web of Fire arts on the streets.

How to register ?

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- Once your account is validated, log in. 


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