WEC#5 : the Firebreather's gathering

The annual convention of fire breathers, organized by Burn Crew Concept at l'Arbre Perché, in Basse Normandy. Beginner or experienced, the 5th edition of "Week End Crache" is the perfect opportunity to practice this art. From July 28 to 30, come "play with fire" surrounded by expert professionals in a friendly atmosphere!

You can see images from the previous year by clicking on this image taken from the gallery :)

Friday 28/07 :

2 p.m. Openning
5 p.m. Preparation of costumes and accessories
7 p.m. Aperitif / BBQ
9 p.m. Fire Photography
10 p.m. Open K***
00 p.m. Campsite

Saturday 29/07 :

09 a.m. Breakfast
11 a.m. Safety instructions / exercises + warm-up
12 p.m. Lunch

The "Fire breathing" workshops are presented by Syd & Das
1 p.m. Fire breather Level 2 (movements)
2 p.m. Fire breather Level 1 (beginner)
4 p.m. Fire breather Level 3 (passing)

The Fire eating workshop is presented by Flor Pyrogen
5 p.m. Fire eating (all levels)
7 p.m. Dinner
8 p.m. Fire Photography at golden hour ( ;) )
10 p.m. Open K***
00h Campsite

Sunday 30/07 :
10 a.m. Stretching
11 a.m. Brunch
2 p.m. Shop / goodies / equipment repair
4 p.m. "See you next time"

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