10 years of fire party at the Palais de Tokyo

Since 24 January 2004, fire handling enthusiasts meet every Saturday night, whatever the weather. Weekly, the Palais de Tokyo has been the cradle and the theater of magic moments in the French burneurs community. The "Burn Crew Concept" is born from this appointments in 2005. Bringing together through international conventions actors of these new night games. BCC organized the tenth birthday party of these gatherings and for the occasion appealed to many artists and friends to mark the night.


From 8:30 p.m. to 0:00, more than 1,000 people came on the forecourt of the Palace to attend the performance and share this feast. Very popular among curious rare Parisian pictures photographers, many have traveled to immortalize the moment. Several artists have offered their shows and searchable images on this link speak for themselves ;)

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Thanks to all the photographers who shared their pictures and due to that we keep wonderful memories. ;) The Collective GRAM followed us throughout the evening, from his first minutes untill the after party in Cachan. Recounting our organization over time and with the event. Their video made in the manner of a documentary tells what we done there and what happened that night.

*Directed by: Leo Terreros - Production: BC Concept / GRAM 
Camera operator: Mj Gattin / Leo Terreros - Editing: Leo Terreros 
Sound Editor and Sound Mixer: Kevin Bourgin / Rodrigo Diaz - Voice over: Ben Von Wong.*
Thanks to the volunteers: Marine, Margaux, Mylène, Will, Alex, Burno, Joe, Baba, Flax, Yann Thomas, Shay, Laurent, 44, Christopher, Thomas, Pierre Louis, Simon, who helped and supported us all the evening.
Thanks to the artists who dazzles us: Neb Nepher Cie, Lou Cat, Julia, Circusman Alexis, Lucignolo, François Laurent, Gustave, Burno, Opale, Roseline, Fanny, Floriane, Lila Chupa Hoops.
Thanks to Pierre, Valentin, Fred, Bruno, Rachid, form the collective Envolée who greeted us at the Apérocide warehouse and perfectly managed the after party, hosting more than 600 people.
After party Artists: GOAYANDI - Le Chaudron Magique - Tao Rec - Human Beat Box - Arnaud.
Light installation: JBWB Light Installation.Special THANKS to: Corinne - Chris - Alexander - Snako - Seb - Will - Techno +>Thanks to the donors: Lionel, Hichame, Fabien, Nelly, Olivier, Pierre, Xavier, Guillaume, Sebastien Laurent, Thomas, Claudia, Fanny, Olivier, Quitterie, Lou, Mathieu.See you next year!


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