12 years at Palais de Tokyo [23/01/2016] (Paris - France)

Hi !

If you read this message, you might have already heard about our party and be very welcome here.

Thanks for your interest and your time. This birthday is our national fire birthday, we're really happy of sharing it with you.

This night is organised by volunteers and it's with the help of each one that this moment is a great moment. In this link, you'll find the Facebook event. The donation link is in orange right after the picture and the form if you wan't to present a show or to join our volunteer's team.

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This message is there to answer to all your questions and help you to enjoy this party safely.

Our crew needs you !

We need volunteers but also cameras and photos. the burners who comes to manipulate fire and the artists who perform, attract many friends for a warm and friendly gathering. To manage and capture  in the best conditions this gathering, the Burn Crew organises the event.

This year, with Burno and Romaric "118 & 218", we propose you to participate to a collectiv choreography : ♫Tou spin, tou biok !♪

Volunteers :

Being available from 11pm since 5pm, participate to the installation in the pool. In agreement with the fire safety crew, Joe will define the permimeters and areas of activity. The dip & wring station, the garbage has to be ready before 8pm.

During the event, keep an eye on each others, keep the place clean, help the crowd moving at the right place. Around 11pm, join the artists and organisation for the final bow !
The place must be back to what it usually is at 00.30am

Dont forget to wear warm clothes and good solid waterproof shoes. The rendez vous is at the center of the fountain.


Cameramans et photographs :

The event starts at 8pm and the show at 9:30pm, the final around 11pm and the party ends at about 00:30am. Each year you are many to express your interest and to make things right, here are some instructions.

Don't use flash.

Photo tripods are not recommended, for they are fragile and cumbersome. The volunteers will ask you to stay at some distance from the show, please respect it, for your own safety.
Soon, you can send a picture to the Metro newspaper and hope to be published in it the next day.

Your selected and edited pictures, copyrighted, are welcome to be published in the official album on our website and facebook page. Just send them to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you publy some pictures of the event, please mention "12 ans au palais de Tokyo - Burn Crew Concept"

If you are a novice or curious of fire photography, this link is for you : 
It's a fire photography guide.
In 2014, a picture of the event has been selected as one of the 10 best pictures of the year in the category show arts, by the 500px website.

If you are to record videos the event, we would be pleased to collaborate with you to make a collective video.

This event is organised by volunteers and enthusiasts, your donation, regardless to its amount, is a great way to support us in this warm adventure.

Burners :

The fuel will be available for fred at 20pm until 21pm. We will then ask you to free the place for the show that will start at 21:30 pm. The show will end at around 22:30 and a pyrotechnic final show from BCC will take place. To end up the night, we will share and light sparklers, and chinese lanterns to celebrate this beautiful birthday.

The remaining fuel will be available for the burners.

Don't forget to donate during the event : a trotinette will be around.

Please keep an eye on each others and on your stuff, burn carefully. A security team is here to take care of you, you can take a moment to meet them.


Artists :

Rendez-vous at the Palais de Tokyo from 7pm. Start of the show at 9:30, ending around 10:30pm
Please complete the form to register for the show, and wach out for a confirmation mail, asking you to send the music that will be played during your performance.

To all of you we wish an happy anniversary.

Warm regards,

The Burn Crew.


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