Jade Kindar-Martin's Fire Wire

Jade Kindar-Martin started walking on the wire at the age of 14 with world renown children's circus, Circus Smirkus. In 1992 he attended the Ecole National de Cirque, in Montreal. A year later Jade met 8th generation High-Wire Walker, Rudy Omankowsky jr. and moved to France to attend L'Ecole National des Arts du Cirque and study with him. After completing his training he went on to perform around the world, setting records in England,crossing the Thames with his partner Didier Pasquette and in North Korea, were he ran a 1km long wire above the Han river. In 2000 Jade joined Cirque du Soleil as a featured solo artist in La Nouba were he met his wife, Karine who has since become a stuntwoman and has been . Recently, it is Jade that has been working on set, doubling Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the Bob Zemeckis 3D Imax movie The Walk, about the famous wire walker Philippe Petit and his legendary walk between the tween towers in 1974. ​ The newest record Jade has set on the wire is to be the first one to ever walk on a 100ft long cable entirely set on fire. Jade now lives in southern France where they are raising their three kids and restoring a 300 year old farmhouse named Mas Pinet, creating an artistic learning community center. Of course, he continues to perform around the world.



Tags: Artist, Video, Fire, TV, Ray Wold, monte carlo


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